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The Story of How We Began

My husband and I inherited a company in September 2002. His father established the business in 1946.

We did not manage the business for five years because we had our own businesses and careers to run. We thought the company was doing well with the manager who had been running the business for many years. However, We were not aware that the business was on the verge of bankruptcy. We trusted the manager.

The bank got in touch with us to collect a long running debt. We discovered the company was deep in debt, had a huge, mostly uncollectible, accounts receivable, and very little money in the bank. I realized I needed to make some serious changes if I wanted to save this business. When we discovered this reality, I stepped away from my career to take over the management of the troubled business. We just could not stand to think about losing the business his father had spent so many years building. It was an overwhelming situation.

I didn't sleep much that first night. The next day I went to work to uncover all the many problems including how to deal with the manager. Every day I uncovered problem after problem.
One that stood out to me was the marketing costs. They were out of control with very little results. Too many different ad agencies with no strategy or coordinated plan. I decided to take control of the advertising and marketing for the business and do it my self.

I began by implementing what turned out to be a very effective strategic marketing plan. My first step was to improve the website's SEO ranking. I also created an online marketing campaign that targeted our ideal clients. As a result, we started to see an increase in sales almost immediately.

I was able to establish systems that were successful in turning the business around and was able to save it. The revenue continued to grow, and we were able to sell the business in 2019.

Today, the company is thriving and successfully continues to grow for the new owner. I owe much of this success to the marketing strategies that I implemented early on.

Because of this experience, I realized many businesses have a lot of the same problems and need help. They need to evaluate their business strategy. But, it is difficult for them to find someone who understands what they are going through and how to help them. So I decided to start my own marketing agency, My Freedom Digital.

Without a targeted marketing strategy business success is difficult, at best. Every business is different and needs a unique marketing strategy. I understand there are common needs every business has, I also understand the changing market and know how to implement the best strategy for different businesses. This is something I learned while running the builders and landscape supply company as well as several other businesses.

The all one software product by My Freedom Digital is a game changer. I am excited to provide a total package for Female Health and Fitness and Healthcare Professionals. I can't wait to help you make amazing progress in your career and business with this amazing Software Tool

My Heartfelt Mission is to support women in Business because I can relate to their Frustrations, Struggles, Dreams, and Goals! I am ready to help!

Thank you for your interest!

Dolly Ferguson,



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